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Hollywood Star

Hollywood Star

Hollywood stars most cost-effective return on investment Labauve

By nissan1, 06.09.2010, 04:47

Hollywood stars most cost-effective return on investment Labauve
According to the U.S. financial magazine "Forbes" The latest news, Shia LaBeouf after following a successful reelection in 2009 Hollywood, "the star of the highest return on investment," the throne, becoming the best value for money over the past year, Hollywood actor . The cost for each can receive one U.S. dollar paycheck for the film company brought 81 U.S. dollars in revenue. In this year's list, there are five female actors. One of Anne Hathaway in second place is the newcomers.

    Anne Hathaway and Robert Downey Jr. is to make money

    , 24-year-old popular actor Shia LaBeouf benefit from participating in 2008's "Indiana Jones 4" (7.87 billion global box office) and 2009's "Transformers 2" (8.36 billion global box office, while the pay is less than 20 million U.S. dollars) of two box-office blockbusters, coupled with his low pay is required, so Labauve list ranked first in return on investment - investment in him every one U.S. dollar can make back 81 U.S. dollars.

    It is worth mentioning that last year, "Forbes," he calculated each earn one U.S. dollar, the film companies can get 160 U.S. dollars, and since then "Transformers 2" is still showing, so the film score is not entered statistics.

    Anne Hathaway in second place, in her one U.S. dollar per investment, producers receive 64 U.S. dollars in profits. She can have such a high ranking, thanks to "Alice in Wonderland", this 3D video in the world gained one billion U.S. dollars at the box office, another in 2009's "Bride Wars" also contribute, that film to 30 million The cost of dollar has made 115 million U.S. dollars worldwide box office.

    In third place was "Harry Potter" Daniel Radcliffe, in his possession an investment of one U.S. dollar to earn 61 U.S. dollars. Of course, several recent "Harry Potter", Daniel's pay is a significant increase, but the film's box office is steadily high, so cost-effective integrated speaking his or high.

    In 2008, an "Iron Man" that was once synonymous with Robert Downey Jr. fallen child star overnight rebound. The Houtang Ni gradually active in the studio in a large box office hit, and then handed over the "Sherlock Holmes" and "Iron Man 2" report card, also in view of his relatively low pay is still so in this list , he has achieved good results in the fourth, also claim to be a middle-echelon Hollywood camp in front of a row.
    Evenly divided between men and women
    As the Hollywood actress generally earn less than the actor, thus  this list really is not easy. In addition to Anne Hathaway, actress to enter the list are Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Aniston, Meryl Streep and Sarah Jessica Parker.
    2008 "Curious Case of Benjamin," and this year's "Robin Hood" so low-key Australian films "The Queen" actress Cate Blanchett has become the second highest performer in the cost-effective, as has with her co-star in the Brad Pitt and Russell Crowe is no chance of the list.
    The presence of Meryl Streep in Hollywood again and again to break the age and sex, the myth about the box office, from 2008, "Mamma Mia! "In the sweep of the 610 million U.S. dollars worldwide since the" Love is complicated "220 million U.S. dollars, and perhaps only when Mei Yi's paycheck, and she rose to the same generation as high as the actor who, when she could leave the table only Single. Jennifer Aniston on the list can still surprise people, in general, in recent years, she starred in the film's performance at the box office is not working well, but fortunately the "bounty hunter" and "in fact you do not understand his heart, "these two films, and finally did not let investors money after bad. Ranked tenth in the Sarah Jessica Parker starred in two big screen "Sex and the City" earned a total of 7.05 billion. However, in 2009 she was the "evaporation of Morgan couples" only reaped 85 million U.S. dollars, reputation, and box office are not very satisfactory. Nevertheless, the small screen moved to the big screen in "Sex and the Queen" is still worth investing a priority actor candidates.
    "Forbes" magazine's annual "Celebrity highest rate of return" Top10 list, selected conditions require these actors must be 36 years of income of the top Hollywood stars, and time in the past 5 years (As of June 1 days) at least three movies (not animated) in over 500 theaters over. The specific calculation for the film company to make money the best actor is: Hollywood actress last three movies in box office receipts minus the cost of film production, the profits divided by the artists paycheck.

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